INSOURCE - conference on Professional Information Resources


The post-conference survey was closed on Friday 29th. If you have further ideas or suggestions about the INSOURCE conference, do not hesitate to contact us.

Survey results

Many thanks to all participants in the INSOURCE 2008 Survey. In total there were 32 responses, and here are the details:

The content of conference sessions was appropriate and informative

strongly agree 16
agree 13
disagree 3

How do you rate the overall conference organisation and the conference facilities?

very satissfied 28
satissfied 4

Please name up to 3 top speakers

Mynářová Lenka 20
Ojala Marydee 17
Blakeman Karen 16
Papík Richard 13
Vránová Dagmar 7
Vavassori Carla 4
Michaeli Rainer 3
Ovšanka Peter 3
Šmíd Petr 2

What did you like most about the conference?

  • All organisational matters were just excellent!
  • The networking opportunity.
  • Highly focussed content.
  • It was very useful to be at the conference, I got the latest information
  • I met important people from the information industry, lunches were great
  • Invited speakers and their presentations, and also the exhibition
  • Welcome party and the opportunity to meet data providers at the exhibition
  • Wide variety of presentations, topics viewed from different perspectives - solution provider, client, theoretical approach, etc.
  • Good-quality translation

What did you like least about the conference, in what ways could this conference be improved?

  • More business oriented audience.
  • I was not dissatisfied at all. It would be great to get more information about various information resources for practical use.
  • Conference proceedings or printed slides could have been available before the conference (e.g. by the registration desk).
  • Some presentations were too general.
  • I would expect more presentations focused on real experience in information use in organisations/institutions

Which topic / speaker and why would you recommend for the next year?

  • Vavassori Carla - very useful and comprehensive information for our students (perfect tips for their future career).
  • Probably someone from the SCIP management, competitive intelligence was broadly presented at the conference and it seemed to be very interesting for the participants.
  • How to gain in-depth analysis and short-term market outlooks on various industries (forecasts would be also great) - what is the best place to find this information
  • Vitto Giannella - it is very interesting to know where is EU going (talking about integration of sources) and what are it's goals
  • I'm not sure about the speaker's personality; the topic which deserves more attention is what is the value of external research to the companies including samples how such research is used.