INSOURCE - conference on Professional Information Resources

About the Conference

The 1st conference of INSOURCE that deals with professional electronic information resources Business, Marketing, Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management will be held from February 5 to February 6, 2008 in Diplomat hotel Prague.


The conference will take advantage of the thirteen years of experience in organizing the INFORUM conference, which is focused on professional information resources aimed at the academic sector, research & development, public libraries and the public administration. INFORUM is being attended by over 600 participants from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and many other European countries each year. The increasing demand for professional information resources coming from the financial and private sectors lead the organizers to the idea of a dedicated conference aimed at the specific needs of the business and financial institutions, private companies, exporters etc.

Conference focus

The first INSOURCE 2008 conference will be focused on professional information resources and their use in business, knowledge management, marketing, market research, competitive intelligence etc. Unlike many other events the INSOURCE will put stress on the information contents available via the Internet rather than information technologies.

Who will attend?

The target group for INSOURCE are mainly risk managers, marketing specialists, business researchers, financial officers, market analysts, strategic managers, knowledge management professionals, content managers and information specialists.

Important dates

September 2007 Call for Papers announcement
30.10. 2007 Call for Papers deadline
31.10. 2007 Paper's acceptation notification
November 2007 Registration for the conference
21.12. 2007 Early birds registration and payment expiration
4.1. 2008 Registration cancellation
25.1. 2008 Standard registration and payment expiration
5.2. 2008 Opening session
5. 2. 2008 7:30 p.m. Welcome party
6. 2. 2008 Conference closing


The conference is organized by Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., the leading distributor of electronic information resources in the Czech and Slovak Republic and the University of Economics, in cooperation with the Czech Chamber of Commerce.



The conference programme is prepared by the committee whose members are specialists working on the areas covered at the conference.

Conference programme

The main two-day conference programme is composed of several topic sessions that include also invited papers and case study presentations in order to provide participants with overall overview of the given topic.

Ways of Participation

Participation in the conference could be done by means of one or several of the following activities:


The INSOURCE conference will be complemented by an exhibition that will be taken place in the foyer and in the Vienna I and II meeting rooms. The exhibition is open to all companies with products and services related to the information industry field, such as:

  • publishers of professional electronic information resources
  • agreggators and online vendors
  • web services providers
  • producers of digital management tools
  • producers of electronic books and journals
  • hardware and software suppliers